Connor Krupp

College student, iOS and web developer, and has an unhealthy obsession with the programming language Swift.

Passionate about everything
Computer Science

Bored one day in 2009, I decided to learn how to program. So, I bought a book on C++ and started reading (and coding). Since then I have moved on to iOS development as my main focus. I also dabble in web development and still some C++.


Beginning in 2010, I have been focusing on iOS development. Hell, even before I had a Mac I was writing code in Objective-C and Cocoa hoping it would work when I finally did get a Mac. Thankfully, it did, and since then I have done


Inspired by a campus club called Michigan Hackers (of which I am now a core team member), I began learning basic web development in early 2015. To continue my learning, I interned at Thinkbox Creative in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the summer of 2015.


I had my bedroom painted maize and blue when I was eight years old and that dream carried me all the way to the University of Michigan - College of Engineering. I am currently a sophomore in Computer Science Engineering and absolutely loving it.

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